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Fresco is a painting made into the wet plaster. The term „fresco” originates in the Italian „al fresco” (into fresh) – in contrast to „al secco“ (into dry).

The fresco painting is a technically difficult handwork. The color (mineral pigments mixed with the water) is applied into the still wet plaster. The fresh plaster area made in one day must be painted within the same day. The corrections are very difficult and a different technique – secco - must be aplied. The fresco is the most beautiful and durable painting technique.  The colors don´t get neither dark nor older and don´t peel off. When the fresco was technically well made, the colors can be refreshed just by water washing.

During last 20 years I took part in many fresco restoration and I had a chance to study the painting of following painters in detail: Handke, Halbax, Nosecký, Winterhalder jr., Gran, Eckstein, Sebastini.

Later, these studies resulted in a dream – to paint the fresco of my own. In 2010 I started where the old painters from the times of Joseph II. ended.

Martin Zálešák - fresco Buono